Are instant searches accurate?

An instant search is as accurate as the data reported by the state or local agency. The reporting agency can update this information as frequently as daily or in some cases only semi-annually.

Why Direct Screening?

You can count on Direct Screening to deliver the most accurate, up-to-date and user friendly criminal background information available in the market today.

About Us

Direct Screening's mission is to provide our clients with an easy-to-use application which will instantly produce a clear, consistent, and concise criminal background report that has been drawn from the most currently available public records.

Direct Screening has emerged as the leader in aggregating and distributing public records. Everyday our clients rely on us to provide the most extensive collection of accurate and up-to-date public records available. We compile information from over 50 states with more than 600 million records and the list is growing. No other source can provide the quantity and quality of data packaged in an easier to read report.

We provide a user friendly application like no other. Our services do not require any special terminals or complicated software installation. Just a few clicks and your reports will be ordered, archived, and easy to access.

Our data is obtained directly from the administration of the courts, state's central repositories, and county and criminal justice systems.

We have invested in cutting edge technology to ensure that when new information is made available from any of our sources, our system updates itself immediately. This helps ensure that you have access to as reasonably current criminal background information as possible.

Direct Screening complies with the federal FCRA act.