Instant Criminal Background Checks

At Direct Screening, we want to be your source for instant criminal background checks. Whether you are an individual or a business, we will provide you with the most current criminal background information available. No other company in the industry has more detailed, consistent, user friendly reporting. We take painstaking efforts to make sure our reports are clear and descriptive every time. Our expert technology team translates each record into a standardized format which provides consistency in reporting from state to state. So while we are compiling the largest, most current, and accurate databases across the U.S., we are also making sure the reports we provide you are the most user friendly available.

National Background Check

Enhanced National Check

Social Security Number Report

The national criminal background check contains the results of our public database search in over 50 states with more than 650 million records and the list is growing. This instant search is the most cost effective method to search all available public criminal record databases. Click here to order a National Criminal Background Check.

The Enhanced National Check is a national criminal background check with SSN search. This search is a great way to find criminal records under a maiden name, former married name, or alias. We also offer a State version of this search. Click here to order an Enhanced National Background Check.

The social security number report provides information on a person's name, aliases, and current & prior addresses. Also, based on availability, it provides date of birth, age, and current and prior phone numbers. This search is an ideal way to locate people, to confirm a social security number, or to obtain an address history. Click here to order a Social Security Number report.